Friday, October 7, 2016

The Berlin Coat Tour

I was invited by An from Straight Grain to participate in the Berlin coat blog tour. I love this pattern so much! It's classic design and options, make it the perfect coat pattern to customize for your little boy or girl. It comes in sizes 1 to 12y and you can choose from two different front designs, a hood or a standing collar and patch pockets or mock pocket flaps. 

I decided to make this coat for my son, since I had not made any coats for him recently. The only problem, was that this pattern is originally designed for girls, so I had to make a few minor modifications, to make it look more boyish.

The first modification I made, was to sew the button holes on the right side and sew the buttons on the left, so it would close opposite of the girl's version. I also sewed flaps above the patch pockets and added button holes to the flaps. Lastly, I eliminated the box pleat on the back of the coat and top stitched on both sides of the back middle seam. I love how it turned out and my son is very happy with it too! He says he wants to wear it to school everyday. 

Another thing I like about this coat, is that the inside of the coat is fully lined and the lining and bating are quilted to make it extra warm. Perfect for the coming winter days! 

For the coat loop, I used a striped black and white cotton fabric I've had in my stash for a while. I think it makes it look even more unique. Don't you?

On the inside of the coat, I decided to use yellow piping, because I wanted a contrasting color that would pop and give it a more playful and cool look. 

For the buttons, I used some vintage leather buttons I had saved since a few years ago. I think it adds a little more authenticity to the coat and gives it the classic look I like. 

I also added piping to the shoulder tab  and sleeve tabs. The royal blue piping is goes well with the black and white pattern of the fabric. 

On one of the sleeves, I sewed 2 patches from my collection, just like I did with the Moiano Coat I made for my daughter. See here. 

For  the photoshoot, we took advantage of the pretty autumn morning light and really enjoyed playing with the colorful leaves!

I hope you liked my boy version of the Berlin coat. If you would like to make your own, go visit Straight Grain and buy your copy!

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  1. I LOVE this coat, Maria!!! It's super cool and so great for a boy. All the details are perfect, and I can see why he loves it!

  2. I really really love this boy version !!!


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