Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Catching up! and Boy shirts

Sorry it has been very quiet over here. Lately I've had a difficult time keeping up with my blog. It seems like there is always something I need to do and jut forget about writing a blog post.

I've been sewing a lot! I've also had the opportunity to test patterns for some of my favorite designers (more on this on the next posts).

On this post, I would like to share some of the shirts I recently made for my son. For some reason, I'm more inclined to sew girls clothes than boys clothes. There are also a lot more sewing patterns available for girls, than for boys. But that is something I would like to change, because I don't think it's fair for boys.

Do you agree??

For  that reason, I decide to sew some fun shirts for my son to wear! I started looking at the fabric I had, and thought it would be fun to mix and match the different fabrics to make these shirts. I also drew the pattern for this shirts and used an existing shirt in my sons closet for reference.

Here are the shirts I made:

Aren't they fun?! I loved how they turned out and also liked how the pocket gave it a more classic look. I think I will be making more of this style of shirts in the near future :D

My son loved the shirts! Can you tell? :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon! 


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  1. They're fantastic! I like all the fabric combos. And your daughter's rompers are very sweet too :)


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