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The Haven Acres Mini Collection Blog Tour

At the beginning of this year, Jennifer from a A Jennuine Design had a tester call for her new pattern mini collection called "Haven Acres Mini Collection". As soon as I sew her designs, I immediately fell in love and had to sign up. The pattern that caught my attention the most was The Dressage Leggings. I've always liked how equestrian riding pants look and that is why I liked this particular leggings pattern. The other two patterns in the collection are the Haven Acres Blouse and the Sweet Pea Cap, which are equally trendy and unique.

The Dressage leggings are different from all the legging patterns you may already have, because it has a unique design that is similar to that of equestrian pants and it also has an option for a regular legging style. So in reality, you will get a two styles for price of one. The other thing that I love about the Dressage leggings, is that it has to rises for kids in diapers and kids who are already potty trained.
This pattern is available in sizes newborn through 12 years. So, this is pretty much the only legging pattern you will need if you have kids of different ages. If you like to find out more about this patter and would like to buy it, please go here.

                                                 ---Tips for sewing with vegan leather---

When I was testing the dressage leggings,  I made a pair with vegan leather and I wanted to share with you some tips that will make you experience easier, when sewing with vegan leather.
-The first thing I found useful was to use a leather needle ( it sounds like it would be so obvious to use a leather needle, but at first I didn't think it was necessary). This definitely made it easier to sew with this fabric. At first, I started sewing it with my regular needle and I was having all sort of problems (my machine was skipping stitches and my threads was getting tangled with the bobbin thread).
- Another thing that helped me when sewing vegan leather, was slowing down the speed of my machine, as well as elongating the stitch a little bit (I used a length of 3.0)
-Also, for the flat-felled seams I used a zig-zag stitch instead of the straight stitch with the double needles.
-The last thing I did, was to decrease the tension from 4.0 to 3.5
I hope you find this tips useful when sewing with vegan leather. This tips also work when sewing with performance knit fabric ( the type for dance costumes).

The Sweet Pea Cap is a 4 panel cap which has a great fit and looks great too! I has optional pony ears,  which the little ones will love. 

This was my second time sewing a hat and I cannot believe how perfect this pattern is. Seriously. 

The first time I sewed a hat I didn't have a good experience because the hat didn't fit well, but this was not the case with the Sweet Pea Cap. The cap fits perfect and the instructions, illustration and pattern pieces ensure you will be successful at making the cap, without a problem.

I made the size medium and this size fits my 9 year old niece, as well as my 3 year old daughter. At first I made the size large and it was a little big on my niece, but it fits well on me, so you can sew the size large for adults! But always remember to check the size chart, just to be sure of which size to sew.

The Sweet Pea Cap is available in sizes newborn to sizes XXS to L (equivalent to 3 months to 12 years+).
This pattern can be for boys or girls, depending on the fabric you design to use.
For more information about The Sweet Pea Cap go here.

                                                 ---Tip for sewing the Sweet Pea Cap---

After sewing a few of the sweet pea caps, I found I wanted the cap to have more structure.  I wanted it to be a little more rigid, but still be soft enough to wear. After trying different materials, I found that adding a layer of felt between the outer fabric and the lining ( so you will cut and sew 3 sets of the four panels. One of the outer layer layer, one for the lining and one for the felt interfacing), gives the cap just enough structure and gives it a more professional finish.

The last piece of the collection is The Haven Acres Blouse:

The design of this blouse is simple, but beautiful and comfortable. This blouse is perfect for spring and summer, but can also be worn in fall and winter. It features bias binding along the neckline, a keyhole on the front and a bow-button closure. It also offers a short sleeve and long sleeve option. My favorite part of this pattern is the flounce and gathered waist.

For the blouse, I got inspired by Valentines day and decided to stamp and paint hearts, dots and other fun valentines day inspired shapes all over the blouse. My niece LOVED it and I enjoyed the experience of making it. Now my daughter wants want too :D
Anyway, this pattern is available in sizes newborn to size 12. To find out more about his pattern, please go here.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Also, check out the other talented ladies participating on this blog tour. Today Roxanne from and Kimberly from are sharing their versions. Go check them out!

Come again,

Maria <3
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