Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sewing little things!

It has been a while since I've posted anything. It is hard to balance life and my blog ;)

I have been sewing so many things lately, that It would be impossible to post them all at this point, but post the new things as I sew them. 

Here you will find 2 links with free patterns for the little geranium and the baby moccasins. 

This is a little outfit that I made for one of my friend's newborn baby. 
I used the free geranium pattern from MadeByRae. Here is the free pattern, in case you want to make your own. 
I embroidered the babies name on the dress, to make it extra special!

Back of the dress with button closure
I also made a pair of leather moccasins, from a this free pattern I found online. I found out about this pattern, through a blog I really like, called "Sewing in no man's Land". Be sure to check it out.  

The free pattern for the moccasins is located here
I liked them so much, I want to make a pair for my 4 year old daughter. Hopefully I can find the time ;)
I hand painted the navy blue leather with gold acrylic paint, to give it a more modern and girly look. Do you like them?

I really liked how they turned out!

I also made a matching headband for my friends baby.

Thank your for visiting my blog. Come back soon to see what else I make.



  1. Your stuff is so cute! I have been searching for a good (free) pattern for the moccasins. Thanks for sharing. Any tips on the fringe part? I found you through pinterest:)

    1. Thank you Colton & Mindy! Sorry I'm replying so late. For the fringe I would suggest cutting it out of paper first and once you get the result you want, then cut it out of leather. That's what I did. I hope you find it useful.
      Maria :D


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