Friday, November 6, 2015

Tinny Returns!!! (slim colar version)

Hello everyone,

I had the privilege to test another pattern from my favorite Belgian designer, An from Straight Grain. The new and improved Tinny dress. 

The Tinny dress has everything  I love on a dress; simplicity, comfort and elegance. For this dress, I used a super soft woven double sided fabric (sorry, I don't know the name of it). It is gold on one side and red on the other. Which is what gifts it the iridescent look.  Pretty cool, huh?! The texture of the fabric looks like the one you would see on dupioni silk fabric, but it's not as stiff. 

Anyway, I love how this dress turned out and I think the color is perfect for the Fall and the upcoming holiday season! 

For this dress, I made a couple slight modifications. I made this dress fully lined (yes, even the sleeves! :D ) and I also lengthened the sleeves a little bit, so that they would be more 3/4 length, instead of short sleeves.  I wanted it to have 3/4 sleeves, to give it more of a classic look.

What I also like about this dress, is the invisible zipper! It just gives it such a clean finish. Don't you agree? 

On the images below, you can see that the dress is fully lined. The lining also added a little extra volume to the skirt, which I really love!

Here are a few modeled pictures of my daughter wearing the dress: 

I also made another dress with the Tomoka colar, so I'll be posting that version very soon!

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Maria <3

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  1. I love your dress: the colour, the lining (I always fully line too), the collar and the gorgeous pictures!


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