Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Made It Fashion Week!

Guess what everyone? It's Made it Fashion Week!!!

I'm exited to show you what I've been working on, behind the scenes for the Made It Fashion Week! It's been fun planing all the outfits and I only wish I had more time to sew all the things I had planned in my head. I wanted to sew a balloon dress and accessories such as scarves and hats to go with the outfits, but I'm pretty happy with what I did get to sew.

All these patterns are part of the second pattern collection released by Made It patterns, called Fold 2, which is inspired by the Japanese art of Origami.

The first garment I sewed for this event, was the Petal Fold Playsuit. I used a light weight super soft wool fabric. Perfect for Fall and Winter! For the front panel, I created a folds and pleats in a random and free style manner. I just love being spontaneous and creative when sewing, so I thought this would be a good addition to the playsuit.

Here is my daughter wearing the playsuit. Oh, and of course I had some fun making origami cranes, specially for this photo shoot. This was my first time at trying origami, so I searched for origami tutorials on Youtube and found a good one on making a crane. I liked it so much, that I want to learn to make other shapes. Ahhh, maybe next time I have some free time (like that ever happens, ha!).

The back of the playsuit is pretty awesome! It features an invisible zipper and a tailored style, which gives it a great look. 

And of course, a close-up of my origami crane was necessary.   ;)

Up next is the Matrix Polo. This polo features a classic, yet modern trendy look for both boys and girls. The fit is great and the best part is that you can use knit fabric to make it! My kids just love the feel and comfort of wearing knit fabric. 

The polo has a short zipper in the front, which is a nice variation from the buttons. The instruction in the pattern make it super easy to install the zipper, so don't stress about it. 

Next is the Pocket fold skirt. I made two of these and will make more for the Fall. They are super trendy and comfortable! They will be a staple in my daughter's wardrobe for sure. 

On the above picture, you can see the other (much bigger) crane I made following the instructions on the tutorial I found on Youtube (will post link later). 

Here is a closeup of the skirt. I used heavy duty snaps for this skirt, since the corduroy was a little too thick for the smaller snaps I had. 

Side view of the skirt:

This is the first skirt I made with quilting cotton fabric: 

Back view:

These are all the pieces I had prepared for today, I wish I had made more but there is just not enough time in the day, right? :D

After seeing the pieces that me and the other talented bloggers have sewn for this event, I'm sure you'll want to buy your own copy of these patterns, so here is a special treat for you. Use the code MFW20 this week to save 20% your Made It patterns. Woo hoo!!!

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  1. Love all those outfits. Gosh you have been busy sewing up a storm. It's incredible how much you made. Thank you so much. I must admit the Matrix Polo is my favourite though. Love that colour combination. It's spot on.

    1. Thank you so much Olu! We love your patterns so much. I will be making more polos and skirts this Fall for sure.


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