Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Trophy Jacket and the Jogger pants by Cali Faye

I was one of the lucky testers for the new patterns from Cali Faye Collection, The Trophy Jacket and the Jogger pants. Both of these patterns are now for sale on the Cali Faye Collection store and come in sizes 2T to size 10.

I made the drape option on the Trophy Jacket. There is also a zipper option, which is super cute! I will make the zipper version next. The style is a cropped jacket style and it has a fitted look. 

For the jacket, I used a black pleather  and I lined it with a beautiful red satin fabric. 

The jacket has an accessory piece on the shoulders for which you can use a contrast fabric of your choice or use the main fabric. The possibilities are endless here. For the accent piece, I used a piece of the same fabric, but I added a decorative top stitch design, similar to that of a quilt (see picture below). I like the effect it gave the jacket. 

Sewing this pleather fabric was surprisingly easier than I thought! I didn't have a problem with my needle breaking or anything like that. 

For the Jogger pants, I used a Ponte de Roma fabric from Joann Fabrics as well. I like this fabric, but I think it had a slightly less stretch from the recommended amount for this fabric (which is 40% stretch or more). For my next pair, I'm using a fabric that has more stretch, which is specially necessary for the waistband and ankles. 

The pants are meant to look cropped as well and I love how trendy and sophisticated they look!

The pants are a great addition to my daughter's wardrobe. Now, I want a pair for myself too! I hope Sara from Cali Faye Collection designs some for women too. :D

Here are a few more pictures of the set:

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon, as I will be blogging about other patterns I've been testing lately.

-Maria <3

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